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Stand-out design

Professional illustrator for all kinds of printed matter. Custom made to fit your brand or event.

File transparency

You will receive all original files made for your project upon completion. Open source .FTW .AI .PDF

Designed & delivered

Have your printworks designed, printed and delivered without leaving your home. Ask for all options.

Quality control

Double checked before printing, no errors guaranteed. I will personally check all printed matter before it ships out to you. 

A good business card is as strong as a good handshake.

Pack a punch.

Posters and flyers to advertise your dreams with. A1 - A7, no letter is safe for my destruction.

From promotional to car stickers. Everything to trash your favourite curbs with.


Anything is possible. If you have something that needs printed. I can take care of the design.

Portfolio. Probably the best example of my design skills is this very website. It's a work of art that resembles everything that I strive for as an artist. Bold, out of the box, authentic, it is just as finely crafted and pleasantly strange as any Rotteridder design.

If you want another project example, check: [ 18+]


A logo is a super useful tool to communicate your potential. It is the start of the identity for your business. Your very first impression. Let's get you some high quality images.

You can read about all package deals and their prices down below. All deals on this page are BTW excl. They are made to get good value for a correct price.

You can download a demo brandbook here.


The ideal option for new entrepreneurs is the brandbook. This is a digital exposition, which serves as a guide for your brand's new style. With carefully selected colours, fonts and personalized logo you are ready to share your mission with the world. Existing bussinesses wanting a make-over are also welcomed for requests.


The digital brandbook contains a logo, a smaller app-logo, carefully selected fonts and styling to support your mission, matching colours, a business card design and a digital document to serve as a guide reference for a good execution of your business identity.


One logo. Big or small. Your interpretation of your business in all useful file formats. Pitch me your ideas and let's get rolling

€ 250,-

Check content:

One logo. Matching colours and font types tailored to your standards. A business card and the first bricks to build a stable identity.


Check content:

Delivered as a complete, printable .pdf guide to build a stand-out identity. Ideal for starters and make-overs. Options to get a physical copy available.


Check content:

preview businesscard front
press to zoom
preview businesscard back
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
ColourStyle Meliciousss
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
i'm an image title
press to zoom
i'm an image title
press to zoom
i'm an image title
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press to zoom
i'm an image title
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     Appealing and smart webdesign 

†    One-pager to webshop: flexible options

     Platform to organize your business

     Build a customer base and take care of them

     Many site features available

     Transparent design process and communication

†    Ownership is yours from start to finish

     Easy to edit and manage

     After sale service

     I will require some input (photos, text) from you. Your business plan is usually a great starting point.

Platform bonuses

     Website builder, hosting, domain and SEO

†    Possibility to get a professional email adress

     Site analytics and reports

     (Email) marketing tools

     Organize price quotes and invoices

     Bring more visitors to your site

     Interact with customers directly from your site

     Accept secure online payments

     Easy to use. Organize efficiently.

A website is an essential tool anno 2022. It's also a very time-consuming and difficult project. Often even complicated by it-nerds and therefore bound to their overpriced after-sale maintenance. With my formula you'll be rid of all complicated matter and be ready to conquer the web, on your own.

Attractive webdesign. All packages include a platform for hosting your website and my design finesse to set-up this platform. Entirely customized for your business identity and needs. A succesful project is a good collaboration. Guaranteed to stay hot and in touch with your customers.


Collaboration is key. It is my quest  to create a trusted environment to build our website in. I will also act as your advisor, so that you can make informed decisions about your online presence. 

Finally, it will be my goal to teach you how to edit and maintain the website independently. Avoiding all future maintenance costs.


All-in-one platform. The foundation of my website formulae is the all-in-one hosting package. Including a website builder, host, domain name, seo-tools and more organisation programs. It is both extensive enough to build  complete and beautiful pages. And simple on the surface. Making your website easy to edit and maintain after the project is finished. At completion, I will host a lesson to teach you how to update your website and use the platform to increase sales. Usually 2-4 hours.

Package prices. Listed prices are excl. BTW and without the cost of the website platform.

You will make your own account and subscribe

to their services at the following rates:

One pager and Portfolio: 

 + 170 EUR / year

First year is free. 


+ 360 EUR / year

First year is free. 


Ideal for starting businesses. Build a personal landing page for your customers. You can interact and present information professionally to build relations.


+ Platform and hosting

Example: Imagine this page and insert an introduction at the top. Spice it up with your own ideals and finish with an enticing call to action. A complete and interactive website built on one page.

To build endlessly. Start an online collection, blog or forum. Showcase your skills. Website price may vary slightly depending on the scale of your project.


+ Platform and hosting

Example: Imagine this website without the webshop. A detailed and structured website to hold a lot of information. With options to add a blog, forum, galleries, forms and more ways to interact.

Start selling online. A complete website package with built-in webshop. Check the examples to preview the range of possibilities.


+ Platform and hosting

Completed quests:

paintworkz logo_edited.jpg


Art on demand

I will consider all custom illustration request. So don't hesitate to contact me. Below is a list of things that really make me wild. Also very much interested in doing art for videogames.

Album Cover Art


T-shirt design cut the crap
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
Hat design Roel Melis
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
press to zoom
Disciples of Chaos MC sticker
press to zoom
GroundZero Barber Shop Roel Melis
press to zoom

I would love to do some album art for music bands. Anything alternative will probably rock one of my images.

Promo stickers

Want a set of personalized stickers to paint the streets with? Find inspiration on the sticker pack page.


Definitely on my to-do list to expand the webshop catalog. Contact me for handpainted decks with my art.

Clothing & Merchandise

Designing clothing is one of my favourite things to do. I can help design your brand and have it crafted. Partners with quality custom clothing Paintworkz since 1993.


This place looks vast, yet empty.

I feel exhausted.

Dealing with this craving.

Not knowing the when.

How long is my battery going to last?

I feel your presence, master.

I know you're trying your hardest.


Why do I suffer?


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