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It's always a good time for a new tattoo. Looking to fill up your sleeves? I'll roll up mine. 

Find a daily dose of dark art and poetry on my Instagram. Warning: this is where my demons take control.

Logo, printed matter and web-design. All graphic design skills included. Get your business seen now:

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dusk 'till dawn

Sepp Sterckx. Tattoo Artist. Graphic designer. Webmaster and poet. If you are one for stereotypes, then I guess I would be of the Mediator type. The one that chooses the necromancer in RPGs. 


Rotteridder is an alias for the soul that I embody, a shelter for my expressive side. A righteous knight looking for his next creative quest to glory. Will ink and rhyme for gold and wine.

artist sepp sterckx_edited.jpg


Art portfolio. Oof - You're making me sweat. This site has become a mirror of my own personality. 

Hidden secrets. This site is built to make worth your stay. With a lot of layered text, references and easter eggs it's hard not to catch a vibe. Click, loot and have your every rock and roll rewarded, adventurer. So KISS this website: it's an artist's portfolio. And although I might have gone a bit too far in some areas. Who's going to stop us? 

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Sepp Sterckx | Olen, Belgium

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